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Short HunterZone Description

Discussion in 'About server HunterZone Rage' started by Administrative, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. Administrative

    Administrative Administration

    • No Monster, Adena,EXP, Point of Honor you get from PvP
    • PvP between the warring factions, in game: Titan, Demon, Angel
    • Fractions do not have any differences with stats and etc, only color nick name and prohibition to attack his faction
    Important Information!

    Основная информация
    - have a dynamic figure EXP, you will receive in PvP

    Adena - Price per PvP. Calculate from armor, weapon, enchant and etc

    GMShop and NPC
    More information you can find in Database Knowledge

    • GM Shop include free B-grade. If you wanna get A,S Grade, and Epic, get level up your GMShop you can use button "Level UP" Pucture
    • Buffer* free for all player. Save buff profile you can in ALT + B.
    *For buff available 36 slots. Buff from NPC Duration = 1 hour.

    Enchant and limit
    • Enchance change from + 6 = 66%
    • Enchance change from +10 = 40%
    • Enchance change for + 13-16 = 5%
    Get occupation
    • 1 and 2 occupation - Free
    • 3 occupation - You can get, use your Point Of Honor. Price in Proff Manager
    Augmentation and enchant skill
    The process of enchant skills changed in Higher chronicles, for the victory in the Olympic Games can be purchased Blessed Giant`s Codex. For enchant only requires Adena and your EXP.​


    In progress...

    To move on the PvP-Map, where you can battle with the factions, you need to go to the Map Manager - Teleporter - Choose the most suitable point for the teleport, focusing on the number of enemies near the flags. Either go on the main base, if you do not want to immediately meet with the other factions. The duration of one card is limited to 25 minutes.
    Fraction - WIN if they seized the largest number of flags, after win, start new voting for the next map
    About PvP-Maps

    Olympics and noblesse.
    Olympics rewrite already and only in test.

    You can fight with your faction at the Olympics for heroism.
    Olympics Period = 14 days.

    The noblesse, you need to destroy or located within sight of the murder Flame Splendor of Barakiel - his appearance 30 minutes before the start will be given a special announcement. Teleport to it is possible through the Map Manager.​
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