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News Server Start Rage-PvP

Discussion in 'New and Announce' started by Administrative, Oct 20, 2015.

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  1. Administrative

    Administrative Administration

    You are welcome HunterZone.Net!
    Are you looking for a stable game server Lineage II?

    HunterZone.Net - this game server of Lineage II, with a unique implementation of the game content. Game mechanics is constructed in such a way that you have always been in the thick of PvP battles, а System Dynamic Rates и constant game updates It allows to start playing at any time, regardless of when the server was started.
    Grand opening: 5 December 20:00 (GMT +3)
    Date OBT: 21 November 20:00 (GMT +3)

    For Begin:

    About the competition:

    HunterZone what is it?
    1. Without WIPE! - We appreciate your time, and always keep your game progress, even when combining server.
    2. Constant game updates - For a list of updates.
    3. The Administration, which hears you! You can always rely on us!
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